Female Hero: Eleanor of Aquitaine

Hi guys !!! Today I want to talk about Female Hero: Eleanor of Aquitaine (she was the Queen of France). Let’s talk about her life.

-Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most powerful personalities of feudal Europe. When she was 15 years old, she married Louis VII (King of France), bringing into the union her vast possessions from the River Loire to the Pyrenees. A few years later when she was 19, she knelt in the cathedral of Vézelay before the celebrated Abbé Bernard of Clairvaux offering him thousands of her vassals for the Second Crusade.

-When she reach to the city of Antioch, she found herself renewed friendship with Raymond, a few years older than her was more interesting and handsome than Louis.

-When Raymond decided that the best strategic objective of the Crusade would be recapture Edessa, thus protecting the Western presence in the Holy Land, Eleanor sided with his view.

-Louis was fixated on reaching Jerusalem. Louis demanded that Eleanor follow him to Jerusalem. Eleanor, furious, announced to one and all that their marriage was not valid in the eyes of God, for they were related through some family connections to an extent prohibited by the Church.

-Louis forced Eleanor to honor her marriage and ride with him. The expedition did fail, and a defeated Eleanor and Louis returned to France in separate ships.

-On her way home, Eleanor was brought the news that her fair haired uncle had been killed in battle, and his head delivered to the Caliph of Baghdad. Although her marriage to Louis continued, and she born him two daughters, the relationship was over. In 1152 the marriage was annulled and her vast estates reverted to Eleanor’s control. Within a year, at age thirty, she married twenty year old Henry who two years later became king of England.

I consider Eleanor a famous female hero to me because she have to pass many danger. She don’t want to get married with Louis but he forced her too so she have to. She was a brave women to do all those thing.
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Thanks, Billy

5 thoughts on “Female Hero: Eleanor of Aquitaine

  1. Hi Billy !
    My female hero is also Eleanor of Aquitaine. Glad we have the same ideas. Anyway your blog is cool. I love it.

    Thanks, Billy

  2. Hi Billy,
    It sounds like you enjoyed learning about Eleanor of Aquitaine. To me she sounds pretty cool. It also sounds like She had to go through many problems. I really like your blog I think it if cool.
    -Jessica L 🙂

  3. Hi Jessia !
    Thanks, I enjoy learning Eleanor in Social Studies. Your blog is cool too. I have visited it already.

    Billy Q 😛

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  5. Hi Billy !!!
    I’ve learn Eleanor too. She is a hero, I really like her and I think she famous too (for me).

    Thanks, Best Friends

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