Writing Good Comments

Hi guys !!!
Today I want to share with you guys about writing a good comment. Writing a good comment is very important, we can leave suggestions or feedback to visitor’s blog but please don’t ever write anything that not good like spamming, etc.

What is a good comment ???
A good comment are
-Write it like a letter include the heading, the middle and the last part
-Never include personal stuff
-Don’t spam
-Write a comment that relate to the post
-Always check spelling, grammar and punctuation
Remember: Always check your comment before submitting
To make visitors happy about your comments, please follow all the thing above.

This is my glogster that I’ve made. Please enjoy !!!
Thanks, Billy

2 thoughts on “Writing Good Comments

  1. Hi Billy !
    I really like your blog. All of those suggestion about writing a good comments there are realistic. Anyway, your blog is cool.

    Cheers, Isabella

  2. Hey!
    This was cool to read about, because a lot of the time I see people comment with a lot of errors. It’s always nice to review the rules. Plus, your blog is awesome.(:
    -Jen S.

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