Challenge 3 – Get Creative (Earth Hour)

Today I want to talk about energy use in my school (What is wasted? How could this change?). First of all, I don’t agree of the students use energy at my school. They’re using laptop too much in their breaks, when they’re using computers in the lab, most of time they never turn it off properly. I think to best way to stop this situation was the responsibility of the students, many teachers have taught us how to use energy properly but I feels like the students weren’t listen. Second, the students are wasting the water that the school produce. They’re using soap but keep the water (like not turn off), sometimes I’m really mad about it. In this situation, the best way is to put a paper telling “Turn Off When You Finish” or something like that and again, it’s depend on the student’s responsibility. Those are the biggest problems that still happening at my school.

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