Challenge 5 – Secrets (About My Family)

Introducing my family, our family have 4 people: my mom, dad, younger brother and myself. I have a total of 10 uncles and aunts, I also have lot of cousins that I can’t count. Every uncles and aunts in my family have children. I love most of my aunts and uncles because 1 of them don’t have children and she lives alone so I use most of my time with her. She’s about 62 years old but she like to walk and do exercises. She loves to watch comedy movie and her favorite movie was “Titanic”. :D. My parents are different from my aunt because my parents always have to work so they don’t spend time too much with me or my brother but I understand them. I <3 MY FAMILY SO MUCH. :]]]]]]]]


One thought on “Challenge 5 – Secrets (About My Family)

  1. Hey there,
    I really like your blog post. It’s very interesting that you have so many cousins. I also understand about how you don’t spend much time with your parents, since mine are always busy to. Well any way great post and keep up the good work, bye.

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