Challenge 6 – Digital Footprints

Sorry for doing challenge 6 late. I’m going to tell you about myself on social networks. I always use Facebook and Twitter. I use a different personality in those networks because sometimes some bad people might knows all the secret so I just don’t put my real information. I think other people will not recognize me online because I don’t really set myself as an avatar and I don’t give lot of information. Online, I put my different name and birthdays, I really love to get more friends but I can’t recognize them so I just accept friend requests from friends that I know. I have a fanclub [or a page] in Facebook, it’s about Taylor Swift and I’m really happy and there are lot of fans. For me, sometimes using social networks too much is not good. !!! JUST A WARNING !!!

Challenge 1 – Who am I?

Hi guys!
Introduce myself, I’m Billy from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and I’m 13 years old. I’m 180 centimeters tall and 85 kilograms (I know I’m fat). To let you know more about me, I will list my favorite stuff.
-My favorite hobbies are writing and reading.
-My favorite sports are swimming and basketball.
-My favorite colors are green, red and blue.
-My favorite movies are Tom and Jerry, Oz The Great and Powerful, Brave, Rise of Guardians and Hotel Transylvania.
-My favorite books are Black Beauty, The Enormous Egg, Gone with The Wind, The Outsiders, The True Confessions about Charlotte Doyle, The Giver, The Tale of Despereaux and Dark Wing.
I also have YouTube Channel and Facebook, if you like you can add me.
If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask me! :]]]]]]]]

Thanks, Billy

About Myself !!!

Hi everyone !

I’m Billy, 13 years old and I’m Vietnamese. Long time no see, isn’t it ? I miss edublogs a lot especially all of the challenges that I’ve been pass through. This is the 3rd year I’m using edublogs. I hope we all have a good time. Please keep contact with me.

Sincerely, Billy


Hey guys !
I can’t wait anymore, time goes so slow and but you know I wanted time to go fast so that my family and my uncle can be in Australia. I don’t know what Australia look like, is it beautiful or it isn’t. Let see about that but anyway, I gotta think about studying first then when it time to prepare pack up I will tell you guys later. 🙂

Thank you for listening, Billy

Go to Australia

We finally have the visas to Australia and I was really happy, I just have to wait until next Friday and then we will went to Australia at night like 8:40 pm. I hope that we will have visas but now we have visas so I don’t know I have to worry, I just feel happy and that my wish have come true. I’ve thank you everyone that help me even my Catholic. I just can’t wait to Australia.



Hi guys !

I have good news, my parents decide to go to Australia this winter break and I was very happy but we need visa before we can go to it but this time my uncle go to and then all of my family can join our winter break together. I’m very happy because we could go to it but we need visa first before I can do anything or post some more posts. Good luck to me !

Thanks, Billy

Report Card (Quarter 1)

Hello everyone !

Today is my report card distribution and I was very happy because I improve a lot and my grade has increase too. My parents were really proud of me, they doesn’t gave me a gift because I’m old enough to live without a gift on report card day. I don’t know do you guys have this kind of thing after 1 quarter but it like GPA and my school use that to calculate. I hope that next time I can got the highest point or GPA.


Making Flan

Hello everyone! Today I’m making a flan by myself and I was very happy because I hope it will be very delicious and good. I also have a presentation about what I’m making about too tomorrow in class. I think that I will make enough for all my friends to eat and my teachers too. If all of you want to eat, you can ask me by comments and stuff so you will have a eat. Thank you for listening.