Challenge 6 – Digital Footprints

Sorry for doing challenge 6 late. I’m going to tell you about myself on social networks. I always use Facebook and Twitter. I use a different personality in those networks because sometimes some bad people might knows all the secret so I just don’t put my real information. I think other people will not recognize me online because I don’t really set myself as an avatar and I don’t give lot of information. Online, I put my different name and birthdays, I really love to get more friends but I can’t recognize them so I just accept friend requests from friends that I know. I have a fanclub [or a page] in Facebook, it’s about Taylor Swift and I’m really happy and there are lot of fans. For me, sometimes using social networks too much is not good. !!! JUST A WARNING !!!

Challenge 3: Other Languages

How many languages are spoken by the students in your class ? Well, usually we spoke in English or Vietnamese, sometimes Chinese but I don’t really like Chinese language, but in the classroom we have to speak English, no other languages. I agree with the rule because we studied in American School and if we spoke different languages then we shouldn’t go to this school. We might have some activities in class so that everybody can have some fun, example we play musical chair (although it’s not reliable), etc. Our class having lot of fun together.

From, Billy

!!! FUN FUN FUN !!!

Learning Time … Bravery !!! ^oo^

One thing that I have learned outside is how to be brave.

I remembered when I was a kid, I scared of everything and my parents always protected me but mostly I scared of darkness and height, and in my mind until now, I still cannot get rid of that terrible moments until then …

When I was at the age of 12, our school have a field trip to Da Lat. I really enjoyed in this activity and went to Da Lat but the day come, the day carry terrible moment came, that is the activity called “Zip Line”, we have to cross the river by the zip line and it was really high. I was scared and thinking of not join this activity but I don’t know why and how I tried. I challenge myself to cross the river. At first, I closed my eyes but then when I opened my eyes I can feel happiness, I feel like nothing to be scared. After landing back to land, I finally realize that there’s nothing to be scared and there’s nothing that we can’t do.

From that day, I’ve never scare of anything, I always and solve it. This is really important to me because one day, when my parents are not here in this world anymore, I alone will have to protect myself and also my family (If I have but actually I don’t like to have kids).

This is a really good lesson for me in my life. I’m so happy that I did it.

Billy 😛

To find more bravery quotes, go to: Bravery Quotes

Cool Website ~

Hi everyone again ! Today I want to talk about cool website that you can have some fun with. I like these website:
Flipsnack, Thisissand and Fantastic Game from Science category, Art and Writing. Now I will explain how to use these websites. Please enjoy !

1) Flipsnack: is where you can make a flip book online. You just need to go this website: Flipsnack and press “Making a flipping book”, they will ask you to sign up, please use “Sign in with Google” and type in your email and password. Now you can start to make a flipbook. Good luck !

2) Thisissand: is where you can make a picture online using sand, you can choose different colors to decorate whatever you wanted too. Go to this website: Thisissand. Start by press the small black button on the top left corner like this: . Then press “C” on your keyboard to choose a color then you will see this: . Choose a color you like and keep holding the left side of the mouse and the sand will drop until you stop pressing the mouse, like this: . If you want to change color, just press “C” until you made a pictures. I have made one and I will share with you guys now.

3) Fantastic Game: is where you can play game by using your brain. Here is the website: Fantastic Game. Then click play, you will have to try the tutorial for information. Play until you can’t. You don’t need to pass all of the level because this is just a game. Have fun !!!

Anyway, thanks for watching and remember have fun. Bye, Billy. 😛 😀 🙂

Images ~

Hi guys !
Today I want to talk with you guys about images. Please enjoy !

Why should we use images ? How do images improve your blog ?

-We should use images in a post to make our post interesting or sometimes use images to tell a story. Visitors will not be bored when we use images, they rather see a little bit of writing include images than read the whole post without images. Images improve our blog by making the visitors interesting so there will be more visitors that wanted to visit our blog.

I hope that all of you who read my post about images will learn about why we should use images in a post.

Thank you for watching, Billy 😛

Image by Kim S

Spring Break :D ~

Hi guys !
How was your Spring Break ??? Well, my Spring break was really cool. I’m gonna tell you guys what I did for 2 weeks.

I just got back back to school about 2 days ago from Spring Break. I really have a good time with my family in Spring Break, I went to swim every morning, reading books, watching TV, playing games and sometimes help my mom doing house work. I remembered on last last Tuesday, we went to see the movie “John Carter” in 3D, the movie was cool and I having a really good time. I almost have a study room for me and my younger brother, I’m so happy but my parents were so busy so they cannot finished prepared the room for both of us but I’ve help my mom to take all my old stuff downstairs and keep it so my parents don’t need to clean anymore. I also went to my uncle’s house and played with her. It was a good and happy Spring Break. I’m waiting for more break to did more thing. 😛

Thanks, Billy

Image by Rosana Prada
Image by prkos (No real name given)

Female Hero: Eleanor of Aquitaine

Hi guys !!! Today I want to talk about Female Hero: Eleanor of Aquitaine (she was the Queen of France). Let’s talk about her life.

-Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most powerful personalities of feudal Europe. When she was 15 years old, she married Louis VII (King of France), bringing into the union her vast possessions from the River Loire to the Pyrenees. A few years later when she was 19, she knelt in the cathedral of Vézelay before the celebrated Abbé Bernard of Clairvaux offering him thousands of her vassals for the Second Crusade.

-When she reach to the city of Antioch, she found herself renewed friendship with Raymond, a few years older than her was more interesting and handsome than Louis.

-When Raymond decided that the best strategic objective of the Crusade would be recapture Edessa, thus protecting the Western presence in the Holy Land, Eleanor sided with his view.

-Louis was fixated on reaching Jerusalem. Louis demanded that Eleanor follow him to Jerusalem. Eleanor, furious, announced to one and all that their marriage was not valid in the eyes of God, for they were related through some family connections to an extent prohibited by the Church.

-Louis forced Eleanor to honor her marriage and ride with him. The expedition did fail, and a defeated Eleanor and Louis returned to France in separate ships.

-On her way home, Eleanor was brought the news that her fair haired uncle had been killed in battle, and his head delivered to the Caliph of Baghdad. Although her marriage to Louis continued, and she born him two daughters, the relationship was over. In 1152 the marriage was annulled and her vast estates reverted to Eleanor’s control. Within a year, at age thirty, she married twenty year old Henry who two years later became king of England.

I consider Eleanor a famous female hero to me because she have to pass many danger. She don’t want to get married with Louis but he forced her too so she have to. She was a brave women to do all those thing.
Please visit this website for more information “Eleanor of Aquitaine”

Thanks, Billy

Writing Good Comments

Hi guys !!!
Today I want to share with you guys about writing a good comment. Writing a good comment is very important, we can leave suggestions or feedback to visitor’s blog but please don’t ever write anything that not good like spamming, etc.

What is a good comment ???
A good comment are
-Write it like a letter include the heading, the middle and the last part
-Never include personal stuff
-Don’t spam
-Write a comment that relate to the post
-Always check spelling, grammar and punctuation
Remember: Always check your comment before submitting
To make visitors happy about your comments, please follow all the thing above.

This is my glogster that I’ve made. Please enjoy !!!
Thanks, Billy

UN World Water Day

Hi guys !!!
Today I wanted to tell you guys about UN World Water Day. Please enjoy !!!

UNESCO’s efforts toward water and food security
In any community, food security exists when everyone has the means to access safe and nutritious food. But with 7 billion inhabitants on the planet, and another 2 billion joining us by 2050, the task of feeding us all will demand worldwide attention. The 4th UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) estimates that we’ll need approximately 70% more food, the majority of which is needed in the developing world.

World Water Day is a celebration of the essential element, one which unites all living beings. In today’s changing environment, World Water Day gives us pause to take stock of previous triumphs and challenges still ahead.


The first of many challenges is awareness. For example, despite the prevalence of water scarcity, global diets are shifting to include more red meat and other water-intensive foods.

The World Water Development Report also highlights the immense challenge posed by natural disasters, of which 90% are water related.

The proposal to celebrate World Water Day was first made during the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro.

March 22nd become World Water Day.

In 2012, the topic is water and food scarcity.

By 2015, a target date made by Millennium Declaration, we hope half the proportion of people unable to afford or reach safe drinking water.

Thanks, Billy 😀